I remember two dreams.

I was talking with one person or more about Minions.

Elizabeth Warren was running for president. Before she did that or while doing that she divorced and was rewarded the house which she sold for a few million dollars. A rumor came out about her and the polls showed that less people wanted to vote for her. She did a press conference where she said that if people would not vote for her because of that she would sell everything she has then leave this country and leave all Americans in trouble. After voting she was not elected or was just elected with the minority so she did what she did she would do. While she was at the bank her daughter that had drug problems appeared with her boyfriend that was a criminal. They went in the line for the ATM machines where she was but behind a few people, they had a plan to ask for money and if she would not give it to take it. I was there too (i may of been with EW - sometimes i had that impression and sometimes not), at first I was behind these two but then I made sure to put at least one person in between us. I suddenly had my head in the clouds while looking outside and ended up near the daughter's boyfriend close to him, he put up one hand an I came out of my clouds. I said do not touch me and pushed him, people around became scared but I was not. He pushed me back threatening me and I told him that he touched me first and he continued. I asked him if he knew what and then said one word was and he said no and I hit him very quickly one time on his throat an he fell to the floor in pain, I went to one ATM machine and when I was done I told him that in about five minutes he would be okay. I went to my car which was a red sports car, when that happened his girlfriend was not there but she was when I came by in my car, I slowed down and wave to them then drove away fast. Elizabeth Warren was talking to someone and told him that she had found an amazing country, there she had bought a land and for not a lot of money would have build a small house. She was describing how she asked it to be like and I could see the house when she was talking about it. The wood stove would be in a different room attached to the house and the hole where the heat would enter the house when it would be cold could be closed when not cold so that she could still use that wood stove to make food on it. The inside was small but there was room to walk around and for everything. The bedroom was upstairs and every other rooms downstairs.