I remember three dreams.

I was shopping with my parents. I was at a store where I was waiting for some things and I found a Dog toy and Dog treats for a Dog that I know, I was going to put these things in the car when I saw a couple with a Dog that looked exactly like the Dog I know. For some reason I made the toy make noise close to the Dog and of course he was excited about it, the couple thought it was funny but I was feeling bad so I decided to give the toy to him. At first they did not want to but I told them it was okay because I did not had a Dog plus I had bought it on sale and in advance so I still had time to find another toy for the Dog I knew, they accepted and I even gave them the treats. I made a deal with them to go see their Dog after getting my stuff which I went to get right after. I was going to pay but dad was right there and he opened his wallet before I got mine. When we were walking to the exit the couple and their Dog was not there anymore and people were freaking out because it was raining. My parents both started to run but I calmly put my coat on (at first i thought i had lost my purse but turns out it was underneath my coat - it made me uncomfortable but it was not exposed to the rain) and then walked to the car but when I went to where he had parked I could not find it, I looked while walking and looked while standing there. At one point mom was talking trying to tell me where it was but I still could not find it.

The actors and actresses of Everybody Loves Raymond were there. Raymond was supposed to bring his wife, brother and parents each their favorite coffee from a coffee place but turns out he had made mistakes with each of the coffees while ordering. He went back there and it was the same thing when he arrived back home. His family were being crude about it but he decided to go back there a third time. They decided to follow him and they were making fun of him at that restaurant. Finally he could not take it anymore, he yelled and left them all there. When they (especially his wife) realised he was really gone they were shocked. He went back home and immediately put his stuff in one big brown luggage, his wife saw that when she came back and he told her he had enough of her attitude and he was living her and he did, he even threw his luggage on the floor and left with only what he had on him.

Me and mom wanted to go out shopping. When it came time to enter the code for the alarm system I did it but I kept making errors so after a while of this mom did it and she too were making errors. Of course while it was me having troubles she was blaming me and she was not blaming herself when it was she making the errors. I finally said let's just not turn it on and let's go and she did not want to and just decided to stay so I went by myself but before going I was so angry that by principle I wanted to turn on the alarm system and tried again (do not remember if i succeeded or not).