I remember two dreams.

I was auditioning but from my house in Saint-Hubert which was technically a real audition in another place. I started in what was supposed to be my room but I was in my brother's room. Then I ended up in my room which was the final place for the audition. I did not think I had a chance but my brother told me I had a chance and will get it too. There were a lot of people there all looked better than me and were dressed better too. I put on Ardene clothes that I took a while to decided on while trying on several things and when I started to sing the people who were listening were blown away and even I who did not think I would sound good. I got it.

Jimmy Fallon was doing fries on a charcoal barbecue. He ended up calling Tina Fey to tease her and while on that call he realised that fire was on his house. When the firefighters came it was almost to everything. Tina arrived and he was ashamed because of what he was doing when the fire started. They soon realised (even him - i think he was the first) that it had started from the barbecue but ironically the fries were not burnt. It looked very good and he tasted it and it was indeed good, even the best fries he had ever cooked. Tina and the firefighters started eating the fries because it all looked so good.