I remember three dreams.

Now that dream came back to me when I was writing the second. All I remember is me walking in a city that I did not know.

I was walking in nature. Some of it were roads where cars were driving. I ended up meeting a man then I ended up going to his house which I think (do not remember a lot of this dream) was where I was walking when I met him. Then I was thinking that I wanted to have sex with him but my bikini region was not epilated. I ended up in bed naked and he joined me. We were talking and fast unless it started this way we were talking about sex. I was telling lies about what I liked since I was a virgin and had never had sex. That's all I remember besides either him knowing that I was lying or me telling him at one point.

All I remember is the song Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding (thats what made me remember the second dream who may have been first).