I remember two dreams.

At one point I became an actress from Fresh Prince of Bel Air (the daughter) and I was with Will Smith. We went shopping while waiting for my parents, there was a lot of nice things I was seeing but I did not want to get it so I made up excuse or made believe I did not see it or said that it was not my size. After faking sadness for a coat I found gorgeous not being on my size it started raining in the shopping mall. It was not raining in the stores just the outside of the stores. We thought it was weird but since it was not raining where we were we were okay. Soon after I got a feeling that something was wrong where my parents were and I started running there (this is where i became myself again [when i looked like the actress i was myself too but then i looked like myself]) and when I arrived I saw a gunman was there and had my mom as an hostage. I was able to sneak by him and by behind knocked him several times with a Baseball bat and saved my mom. I asked her if she was okay and she was angry that I saved her. I looked at her insulting me and whining about what I had done and that was it. My dad was sitting in a chair at the entrance not giving a care about what had happened and what was happening since it had nothing to do with him directly. I screamed that that was it with them and that it was the last time they would see me. I started giving two middle fingers right in the face of my mom and I kept on doing it after screaming that. I took my four musketeers and my purse and went away without any of them saying anything.

I just remember a few glimpses of that very weird dream. I was in a university I think. I remember trying to make peace with someone then thinking about it and then changing my mind (that had to do with 2 sweatshirts for some reason) then I remember walking in the campus and feeling something was wrong. I remember seeing Anderson Cooper opening a door and seeing something evil trying to disappear through a wall and him grabbing an handle with a grip at the end and him being able to get a part of that evilness that was hair of a bright color.