I was in bed for less than ten hours. Did not spent too much time falling asleep but I woke up a few times. I only remember my last dream.

I had found a new place to move to. There was already someone else there and he/she/they would not move out when I arrived there but I did not care because I was so happy to finally had move out of my parents. The houses there were all next to each others, there were no room between all of them, some of them even were on top of each others. I had five clothelines, they were old tiny ropes that were help by old branches, in some places the branches were completely on the house so no rope was tied on these branches. I saw another place where I could tie a rop to have another clothelines but I had to get a tall ladder to tie that rope and had to use that ladder to put the clothes there and to get it back. It was a very dangerous place to put a ladder, not only was it high but it was not a ground that was safe so the ladder was moving almost all of the time I was on it, there too like with having the previous owner still living there I did not care, I was just too happy to be out of my parents house.