I remember one dream.

We moved to our new place after the fire. I was actually excited but when I first arrived something happened with a neighbor that was nice but it had actually happened too when we moved in Ste-Florence so that took all the excitement away from me. We ended up going to our burned house one last time and it was like not burned, we were in the room that was my walk in closet and also where I had my teddy bear collection. It was all there but I knew it was not real. My dad took my Shumi collection and said see everything is still there and I yelled at him that it was not and even if it was real I still could not bring it with me because of the smoke and that it would of made a smell that could not get out. I was so angry but then I looked at my teddy bears and soon after I told myself okay whatever so I started to count if they were all there and my mom all proud with dad standing next to her him too happy said you know they are not there for real.