I remember five dreams.

I was running away from a bunch of people. At one point they were very near and I was at the top of a building and when I saw a pool downstairs outside I jumped in it then immediately got up and started to run again. There were a lot of people and stores around and when I saw a government agency I entered it and started to scream help when I went upstairs and saw the agents but the one nearest me was ignoring me. I saw one of the men after me so I went to hide under and behind the agent's desk and this is when he stopped ignoring me, he gave me his phone and told me how to make a call with it which I did to 911. I was spotted but realised that they were given the order to not do anything since we were all in public with a lot of people and then I stood up and soon after started to taunt one then more. The weakest of the group was then taunted by one other member to kill me anyway and I was not letting up on him and he was so taunted to kill me then but did not.

A woman and a man reunited after seeing each others in a long time. They were at the top of a building and suddenly the woman grabbed the man and jumped with him, they ended up in a pool. The woman thought this was hilarious, not him, when she was close to the edge he screamed that he could not swim and she went back to get him.

I was building my back my Shumi collection. I was in my bedroom and someone came in and when he saw my collection he started taunting me with it and at first I was replying to him but when I saw it was done on purpose I ignored him.

A new drink was the cool thing to drink. It was coffee then you added your favorite toasts or pancakes topping then whip cream. I tried it anyway (with caramel as the topping) eventhough I do not drink coffee and I liked it.

Me and someone else went into a grocery store, when we were at the checking line the cashier told us to run away, nothing was going on but before he said that I felt the need to run so I did it and soon after we were attacked. It was a big monster. We were able to hide away. At one point while looking around from the hiding point I looked up at a guarded army place up a hill and they had satellites there too so I said I would take a phone and plug it there, it would work and I knew also that all the phones were dead but I said that if someone else also was able to get a phone to work we could end up talking to each others. The other person did not want me to do that because it was too dangerous and senseless but I said that I would then started to run there.