I remember one dream.

Someone in my family had gotten a Dog. The poor puppy (he/she was a large dog but still a puppy) was always on a leasch and always had to be on his/her best behavior, he/she did not had the right to act like a puppy or a Dog, at any time. I entered the home and the poor Dog was looking at me and was trying to give me a sign with one of his/her paw. I said to let me do it and eventhough my cousin did not want me to (it was 1 who got the dog but it was inside anothers house) I took the leasch off and started to play with him/her. At night I went into a bed (i think my then i was supposed to be in my house [it was my bed] but it still looked another house) and invited the Dog to come sleep with me which he/she did. In the middle of the night he/she asked to go outside and I got up to let him/her outside (i was wondering through which door because i did not know where would be the perfect place for a place to go outside - i kind of saw a plan of the outside in my head while hearing the pleasure of the cousin who did not want me to take care of the dog), I opened a door and let the Dog out, went back to bed and let him/her back inside when he/she asked to be let back inside.