Spent less than twelve hours in bed. Had to get up twice to go to the bathroom (rarely happens with me....i normally can just hold it in even when i have hours to go before getting up but the first time i was about to explode and i figured for the second that i had been up so i went). I remember (barely) three dreams.

In the first all I remember is that I had to go to the bathroom, then I woke up and thought I was still dreaming then that was the dream but then I realised I really had to go to the bathroom (less than 3 hours in bed then...very weird...spent the evening going to the bathroom every two hours....the next time i got up was like 4 or 5 or 6 hours later...it was normal when i got up).

I was watching a woman doing magic tricks. She choosed me then asked me to pick an egg. It was eggs that looked dead and old. She made a baby turtle come out of it. She ten went into a speech that the next trick involved the turtle and that she never succeeded before but that anyway it was nothing since there were mamy turtles in the world so that a few dead from a magic trick was allright. I was furious but for some reason more interested in seeing that magic trick. The speech was long and I was hungry so I took out a bag of chips but it was making lots of noise and everyone was silent when she was speaking so instead of opening it I put it aside. She threw the turtle in the water and it bounced like when we do with rocks but it never stopped bouncing and it started going back to the first bounces and every of those times, when it touched an earlier bounce a baby turtle appeared.

I went online to a forums website that looked like this one, I had forgot that I became a member. After a while I saw that I had a message from someone there. She was telling that that she had asked to not use her email address with anyone else's and that when I did that the link of Bella Online was now in that website and that I had a few months, until Spring to take care of that. I answered that first that I was sorry about her email address being mixed with others and that with the link from another website being on their website I did not know how that could happen just by emailing someone from that website and that I had no idea how to take it off a website. I also mentioned that I liked that website and did not want to be banned.