I remember two dreams.

I was a singer and dancer. I was practicing my new songs and choreographies with my dancers and the new prime minister of my country and his wife were there to watch. The dances were very hard and awesome too so they especially him were impressed. He was falling for me as it went on and his wife did not realise it.

Someone went outside a train to get some fresh air. She or he was a teacher or a role model for at least one young person or child. Someone else was outside the train too and by the end of their speeches he forced him/her to do something for him. He/she did not want to but was scared that he would take his revenge so that person picked up what he had left which was books, by that time the train was either going faster or reaching it's destination so he/she was hurrying it up and then realised that he/she had missed at least one of the books.