Nancy, those are the ways my dreams come back to me as well. If it's a Lucid dream or one accompanied by Sleep Paralysis I can remember pretty much every sorted detail. Those are the dreams I probably pay the most attention to. The others tend to come back if a song in the dream plays in a movie I may watch later on or it could even be on the radio and details will reemerge.

Lately, a lot of my dreams have (even the silly ones) have come to pass. I remember a couple which really have me thinking about an article regarding Time Perception.

One dream was quite short. We're currently learning our way around TX. So, nothing is really planned when we go out. We're just exploring or make a spontaneous decision to go out. So anyway, the dream itself was I had to have my picture taken. I hate doing that...using the word hate w/having my photo taken. Wherever it was, I wasn't prepared and I knew I would look like a drowned rat which caused a great deal of anxiety as I didn't know how to dress, what make-up to wear or how to fix my hair.

Back to exploring the area we just moved to. So, in real life, my husband asks me if I want to take a look at the local zoo. This was yesterday. The dream was that morning. We go and at the last minute he asks if I'd like a year pass Membership. I said "Sure!" I'm at the counter and my heart starts racing.

You have to envision this, lol. It's a small 2-3 room office, very quiet. I start shifting my weight from one foot to another, saying, ", no, no,no, no...NoOo - no - no - no." So, the girls thought I was speaking to them or had a question. I'm like, "I'm gonna have to have my picture taken aren't I?" Sure enough and it had started to rain. Inevitably, I did in fact resemble very much the "drowned-rat."

I think a mug-shot would have turned out better. The photo had been for the id that goes along w/the membership cry

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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