I remember three dreams.

That dream was weird and changed a lot, I do not remember a lot and the order of how I will write it may not be exactly like that. I received my new computer chair (actually happened while i was sleeping in real life) then I was on vacation (maybe with other people) then a war or something like that happened then me and many people were kept at the same place then I was trying to look for a way out and found one and the others did not want me to do that but I did then a lot of people were dancing and getting ready for a video or a show then I started to dance too and I was good and fastly learned the steps and then it was me who was the best dancer (many people including Rihanna were laughing at me).

I won the lottery (100 million) and at first dad did not believe me so I showed him on my computer screen but did not want him to have the ticket for long since I did not trust him (the start of that dream was me and mom saying that he was addicted to this stuff) and when he realised I had won he freaked out saying that I will move out and take all the money then stood face first to the wall and did not move.

I was preparing to move and mom took over and wanted to do it all her way which mad me very angry.