I remember two dreams.

I had to run one errand, it was a few changes including my address change for the government. I asked for that at the end and the man who was serving me (Hugh Jackman ~ it looked like i was at a bank ~ do not recall the other things i had to do there) told me he could not do that and that I had to go somewhere else to also get an eye examination because I kept squinting. He told me the address then said that when there I had to walk (cannot recall if it was 3-4 or 4-5) a few kilometers. He also said that there there was also a place where there was swimming and that they even gave lessons, my face lighten up and he asked me if that interested me and I said yes, that it was what I was going to do before losing my job and moving. I repeated the address and he wrote it down for me. I told that to my dad who decided to drive me there that same day. The entrance was a park and the start of the walk was a small bridge. I said just find something to pass the time and I will call when I will start walking back. When I arrived there it was beautiful but full of people and it looked like it was a cult. The people looked brainwashed and the men (1 in particular he looked like Lance Henriksen) that were not sitting looked scary. My parents (my brother also was there then and it was like we could not see him or were just ignoring him) decided to come get me there. When we finished walking I asked where the car was parked and none of them could remember it. It was dark. My dad thought this was hilarious. I said that we should just split up. My dad went to the left and mom to the right. My brother just disappeared after starting to walk. I stood there but saw that my mom was panicking and started to try to go the other side of the street, I screamed for her to stay on our side and she started crossing, while in the middle (there was a patch of grass there) she fell down so I started to run over there and she crossed and fell down there too because she could not get her feet to go over the sidewalk. I lifted her up. We were in the parking lot of a drugstore.

I (know that i was there but i either did not see me or i looked like someone else) went on a tour of what looked like a mental hospital, at the end someone said we will end somewhere but I have to warn you all it will be scary. We ended up in a small house near the water and woods. We looked inside an saw a girl and her dad. The girl had one small patch of white near her ears and the dad had most his face different colors and patterns (or it was just white). We were shocked but not scared. Then we were invited for a game on the beach. We had to be buried in the sand with just one or two hands out and feel something coming, everytime someone was able to hit it they got 5$. At one point a man realised it was making a noise and he was able to start hitting the objects. People there thought it was strange then saw that the woman (she was young and looking like 1 actress on Full House) had an injury on one finger and they thought that this injury was making a sound to help the buried man. The woman said how ridiculous this was then said would you like me to put a bandage on this?