I am aware of all the passing dreams but tend to hold onto just the last one. From last night, however, I can recall two.

In a very odd dream, I dreamed about a Polynesian girl with very long hair. It helped her to keep weighted down when she dove deep into the ocean. She was well-known for this. She would dive in a small lagoon or bay area with long, ancient wood beams set into the water. She discovered they were carved with nadi which are really Indian (India) horoscopes or predictions of one's life. She found hers and wanted to dive deep to read it, although they were in foreign language characters.

People were floating on the water in narrow canoes, watching her. I was in one. The danger of doing the diving here was the prevalence of sharks. A man said it was time to send down some shark repellent to help her. All the orange balls went down and came back up one by one. She didn't surface. I saw a shark fin. We sort of slapped the surface of the water until we realized it would only attract more sharks. The girl finally surfaced.

But during this part, I was the one below. I was looking upward to the surface of the water and it was a long distance away. A shark opened its mouth to bite me. I dreamed of two scenarios: being eaten (I felt it rip off my arm while another would finish the other half of me) or sticking my rubber foot fin (I was allowed to use them as I was new to this) in its mouth and the shark bit it and realized I did not taste good so he went away.

I kept traveling upward but could feel my lungs needing air desperately and I ended up breathing in water. But it felt good.

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