There was another post that did that too (not have the first posting of a new post appear unless another post was done), I think it has to do with the number of pages every topic has. I thought about it this morning and I think the other topic who did that also had that same amount of pages.

Thank you for interpreting my dreams!

My parents have always been the opposite. They want me inside the house doing nothing outside and barely anything inside. When I was young and started to talk about my future it was always met with frustration from them then they started immediately shutting down those dreams. They know how broken down I am thanks to what they have done to me since we moved in 2009 and they are not letting up. I am making sure that what I am doing to get back on my feet is done slowly so they do not see it. I want it to be a complete shock when they see me on my feet getting a life.

By the end of that astronaut dream I had the feeling that may be me, it was short since that's the last dream I made (was in bed for almost 9 or 10 hours by then so i fell asleep for 1 last short time) and very weird, it was like it was all over the place without the images being all over the place (i hope its easy to understand - you know like when what you see keeps on changing - that was not it but it still felt all over the place).

If that is someone who wants me to grow up or take adult steps or something like that it must be me or the people on the internet helping me. It also can be my subconscious trying to stop me from doing it, I always was good at giving up even if it is going good.