I remember two dreams.

A woman witnessed a man kidnap a boy she knew. Soon after she became blind. The man still had the boy but wanted to get rid of the witness and he realised she was blind when he was behind her and about to kill her when she called out for someone she thought it was. He acted like it was him and at first she thought it was the person she knew which was her boyfriend but after a short time she realised it was not but she continued to act normal with him because she thought that maybe it was the psychopath. They actually ended up having sex and after a few days of that the psychopath actually started feeling bad and even feeling for her.

I was with a few people and a Dog who when a door of the car we were in was opened took off. The person who had the Dog called him and others too and when he came he came through the backdoor which is where I was and came sit next to me, the person who was the pet parent of him was jealous he did that.