I was in bed for less than ten hours. It still took me a long time to fall asleep (not hours at least) and I woke up about two times. I remember my last dream.

I went skiing. Before I started I realised that that slope was only for snowboarders but I skiied there anyway. Before one of them went to me to confront me I decided to play stupid, right after that I saw there was an accident and an ambulance was there so I took my cell phone out and was acting in panick talking to it. I went to a woman who was with the ambulance and before she started talking to me (she was not happy to see me there especially with skis) I said that a friend of mine was in the hospital and that I did not know how to get out of there. She looked at my cell phone then me then said she would help me (i think she asked me if it was true by repeating what i had said and i repeated it). We were near a fence and in the other way it was Montreal. So I followed her and she brought me to a bus stop and she started telling me where to get off (told her the name of the hospital earlier) and that explanation just would not finish so I kept on acting panicky and made believe I was trying to remember everything. When I thought she was going back to the ambulance I started walking to the subway and she saw me and I told her that I was just going to another bus stop and she said oh that's right you can take the subway so she went inside with me and she took oout a 50$ to put in a machine to get me one ticket (costing 50 cents and it gave me many instead of 1) and she started explaining to me how to use the tickets, how to take the subway and how to find the hospital (at first it sounded like she was doing that because she did not believe me but there it sounded like she thought i was stupid), she even showed me how to put the ticket in by doing it herself. Then she finally went away and I just took the subways I needed to go back home (i have it in my head that she found me nowhere near the hospital but that could be me after waking up from it..i was thinking about that dream a lot so i could of imagined an ending).