It's been awhile posting and learning my way back around. None the less, the DREAMS (oh they're still around) smile

A woman came to me (a guide I suspect). She had a mosaic table in which she ordered a lunch for us. I became distracted by the ocean to my right off in the distance. I trudged through the sand and the wind (a storm was moving in), but the beaches were full of all peoples looking to the waters waiting.

There were families, children, men and women of all nations. I managed to work through the crowds and my feet just met the water's edge.

Coins were being tossed into the waters. All coins - as gifts. I was the only one without coins to toss. Behind me was the largest and tattered ship I'd ever seen. The ship had my back and my toes glimmered with coins.

In the dream the woman said, "I came to help you and you're leaving."

I said, "Do you know the next time I'll be at the ocean?"

She said, "3 years?"

I said, "Never. I have to do this, now."'s still with me. They don't do half-ways wink It's o.k. I've had some time off.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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