I was in a big basement wearing a really pretty dress. My granddaughters, their aunt Pammie and some other children were there. I shooed the kids upstairs.

An unknown woman approached me from out of nowhere, displaying a romantic interest in me. We were going out for a beer. I put on some pretty white lacy boots (they were the Victorian style boots) to go with the pretty white dress. I didn't lace them up though.

I searched through a box of keys and other pretty metal objects wanting to take them back home with me, but knew I couldn't probably get them through airport security. I don't know where I was at, but I knew it didn't want to leave. I was worried about missing my flight as I couldn't find my tickets and didn't know when I was supposed to leave.

A mangy but friendly dog approached me. I petted him and sent him upstairs too. I swatted a couple of fleas off of my arm.