I remember two dream.

I do not remember a lot because it was dreamed when I fell asleep a short period of time before my alarm clock went on plus it was changing at the end. A young woman was very sick and she went out and fell unconscious in a ditch. Another young woman who her too was not feeling too well and an adult woman called the police a while after she was supposed to be back. A cop showed up. They found (cannot remember if the cop had it or mentioned it) her purse. Then Hilary Duff was there and she was in a new relationship and had a baby girl with the new man. Her son decided on the name that the couple found cute and decided to keep. That's all I can remember. I was going to hit the submit button and something else came back to me. The show Tout Le Monde En Parle, it may of been the start of that dream or the middle. I remember me or someone else being the last guest of maybe not of that episode but the latest when I started dreaming it and the others talking, that woman or someone else needing to go. That's it (for now anyway).