I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that someone or something was coming at me and that woke me up (i jumped when i woke up).

The same thing but I remember that it was my mom coming at me and I was in a bed with the door closed when she did that (i jumped to my back them moved my legs while screaming when i woke up that time).

Jennifer Aniston was in it (i hate that woman) and she had found a job (i think that was the show Friends which i also hate). It was an horrible job but she kept it since she needed a job. The last day the day before they were asked to cut their hair before going to work which she did and she was complaining about it then during the day she decided it was not worth it.

The Simard family (popular in my Quebec - they had 2 kids and they since very young are celebrities - sadly years ago the girl now a woman said that her agent had raped her for many years starting when she was very young - not a lot of people stayed in her camp eventhough they believed her and that include her brother) had more than two kids and almost all were being raped and all the woman had no say at all in what was going on. They all had their own chair to sit on until a man would told them what to do. A young woman was trying to stop two or three men (all young i think) trying to rape her, someone ended up opening the door while that was happening (someone not from the family) and she was so happy because she thought finally someone knows but that person decided to close the door and to act like he/she had seen nothing.