I remember two dreams.

A short time after we had moved here both of my parents decided to maybe put the house for sale. I was looking at them rolling my eyes and reacting in other similar ways. One day I was walking in our yard with mom and she said that we should of waited to be sure to find a perfect home and I replied almost laughing hysterically that this what normal people did. They put up the house for sale for real but decided before to do renovations, in their idiotic minds they would get more money for the house. The first renovation plan was almost a good idea but then they had another one and another one and it seemed to never en with each new idea costing more. One day I was in the basement and a visitor came visiting, I had an heads up from the man hired to sell the house and he looked like Gordon Ramsay, my reaction was yeah yeah yeah and I continued with what I was doing but also hiding a few things. I went on the internet to look at the houses they could of bought instead before they both showed they maybe wanted to sell it and during and after I kept looking hoping it would be true.

Me an someone else had found a big empty house with lots of things remaining, electricity and water was still functioning eventhough outside it was like the end of the world or something. One day or night we both woke up and realised that maybe some people or mutants or whatever could of entered. I looked at the nearest rooms that were in the dark with lots of furniture and things and I told the other person yes there could be something somewhere. Instead of just locking the room we were in after looking everywhere we decided to look everywhere to see if indeed people or something were there. While getting ready another person appeared and he looked like George Costanza freaking out, trying to get dressed but jumping almost every seconds so not able to dress himself then he started twitching and he was changing into Patrick Star (spongebobs friend). So em and the other person went looking, everytime we found nothing and we made sure that noone would enter where we had just looked. At the last room (it looked exactly like 1 of the bedrooms in the saint-hubert house) we knew someone was really there and they were in the closet, we opened it and almso immediately clothe hangers were attacking us and it turns out three or two people were in there. We were able to get them and one said that they wanted to stay to be safe, that they had others to protect including children. By there Gordon Ramsay had appeared but this is all I remember.