Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream (had 1 other that i forgot after waking up from that dream).

I went to a shop and bought many candles. The cashier was wrapping them before putting them in the bags but another employee said to him that it was not wrapped properly and he wrapped them one by one taking his time, the cashier told him it would take a long time but he replied to him that it was worth it. When I got home I took the most beautiful one out to light, it was like a huge vase, the base was big and the rest was lean and long, it was mostly black and when it was lit it made a beautiful dark and colored light. My mom told me to put it somewhere else so I picked it up but it was so big that it was almost touching the roof of the room we were in. She kept on telling me to move it and I did. At one point it touched a curtain (well technically it was a washcloth that was on the metal thing that has the curtain on) and it caught on fire so I put the candle down and told my mom see what happened no more moving it around. She was mad but did not say anything. I put the candle on a table but it fell down and rolled on the table, it did not brake or fall on the floor but wax did pour out of the candle and fell on the floor. I said to my mom see what happened and she went to the sink full of dishes without talking and I went there too, took the dishes rag, put some water on it and washed the wax on the floor.