I remember three dreams.

A nuclear blast happened and me and a few others ended up in a shelter. After it I asked if anyone knew how long we would have to stay in this place, nobody answered but the man who had built that shelter was angry and looking at me, I answered it (weeks - more than 10 i think) and said okay we will wait that long. Then all I remember is that it was not doing great and I was doing everything to survive. I also remember asking where was the suit and without being answered I knew where it was and I hid it.

I was taking a shower while my parents were out. I had to hurry because I wanted to be finished before they came back. Eventhough the door was closed and locked I was scared that they were back and looking at me. After I was done I started to dry my hair with a towel and before I started drying my body with a towel I thought screw that and started to masturbate not caring if they or anyone else would see me.

The two Williams sisters decided to part ways with their dad. They were very heartbroken over it. They entered a big tournament and both ended up in the final (i remember 1 part of a match of Venus when Serena was in the stands and they both looked at each others and Serena made a head gesture to encourage her sister). They each won a set also while separating every points. In the final set Venus won over Serena, she (Venus) had to stop towards the end to blow her nose. Shortly after the win their dad entered the court and Venus screamed to get out and if he did not she would do it herself. He refused to leave and she went straight to an over where she was trying to find the switch to close it. There were microwave lasagnas, water, smoked meat in pouches and other things in there. The thing she had to push to close the oven and to then banish her dad was hard to find. Everyone was looking at her and she felt embarrassed. After finding it she turned around and the singer from Creed was there.