I remembered another dream during my morning beauty routine.

After years of not talking to Brigitte which was my best friend for many years we talked on the phone, after a while it was just silence and at first I liked it because we used to do that when watching something on television while on the phone but it went on for hours and after a long time of just silence at the other end of the phone I just hung up and that made her mad at me. After what seemed years I wanted to reach out to her again but I could not remember all of her address and none of her phone number, after thinking about that I found a way online to get her entire address and I wrote to her hoping she won't get mad at the way I did it which she did not, she was happy that we had found each others again. I also remember an apartment building where it felt like every person living there were just living in a big house together because the bathroom was shared but I cannot remember if it was my place or her place. I remember in one part where I was talking about how our friendship was. I remember being excited to go to Ottawa eventhough I could lose my job.