I remember three dreams.

It was happening in my Saint-Hubert house but it was supposed to be another place. There were people there that I did not know. It was night and I was felling something bad that was about to happen, I was often looking out the windows and some people were seeing that. The weather was changing too, mostly the fog which at the beginning there was none. I suddenly said to everyone that some people were coming but to not worry because I knew what I was doing. I took out many types of arms from knifes to guns. Then I went to check on another room but realised they were closer than I thought so almost here. I did not have all my arms on me and knew that I could not save everyone so I decided to go hide in the basement but before I screamed for everyone to go hide. There was not a lot of places to hide there but I found one that actually worked, a few of these people came there to search to steal and none found me.

It was the actors and actresses of Full House. They all went on a mission or something that was just for fun but it did not turn out great, by the end Jessie (sp??) and his girlfriend came back angry at each others but they were not yelling, they just figured that maybe just one night apart might work. When Jessie woke up he was startled to see his girlfriend was not there but one of the girls (+ they were sleeping not normally - the other way - on the side of the bed not front to back of the mattress - but it looked like it was normal to them). After a while all of them or some thought that the twins (both of them were there instead of 1) did not came back themselves.

It was Halloween. At one room one of them would wait between the two front doors and when people would open the first that person would start to talk then let them in. There was scary music and all other kind of Halloween effects. The young woman that opened the door (at first the dad asked his young son which did not want to do it but the dad had closed the door on him) grabbed many things from the several bowls of candy and snacks but most were small bags of chips which she gave one to each kids but by the end only a small bag of pink Cheetos was left with candy, she was feeling sorry for the last kid and she asked him to just choose what he wanted.