I remember one dream.

I went to Dallas to see one game of the Stars. I went there with a small airline, it cost me more than with a bigger airline in a big airport but I was able to take with me all my beauty products plus I did not get molested. I came back and took a cab home and told the driver all about it and my vacation. My parents were angry that I had that and that I was happy. When I was in the backseat a few days after coming back I got a call and it was a player of the team, I sounded normal on the phone then with a huge smile I told my parents who it was and they were furious and also silent. Not long after the door rang and it was a few players and they told me that they could not let their biggest fan stay away like that so that they came here to get me. I could not believe it but it was true. When I was in a car with them they even told me I would get money (started with 75000$ then it was 100000$), they tried to explained I would have a job but it was just them being nice. My parents were angry when they came in but I did not see them after. Then it turned into another dream, it was a nightclub near a beach, the women there were prostitutes, most went in the bathroom to puke then asked for a drink to cover the scent. A woman came to the bar to say that she was leaving when two women came there after puking, she said it with joy and a smile but she was not happy. Then she was found murdered and the man was then SpongeBob and he was in a glass box in a store alive, his arms were tied behind his back, he was on his knees and a huge knife was right behind him. A cop arrived there and told a cop am I supposed to believe that he did not commit that murder just because of how we found him.