I remember two dreams.

It was the main characters of the show Everybody Loves Raymond. The grand-parents were coming over to eat and Debra and Raymond had the thought of poisoning them. They actually made the poison themselves using things around their yard. Raymond came back from his new work that meant he was almost always away from his family and he saw Debra mixing the poison and then she was about to put it in the food and he chickened out and threw it away. She was angry and they were trying to fight about it the lower they could since the old couple was right next room. Then afer thinking about it Raymond was going to put the poison in the food and it was Debra who chickened out. They then came in the kitchen and both started to mouth off, finally Raymond and Debra looked at each others and then put the poison together but they decided to throw away the good and told the old couple that they would move away, the house was not that far away but it was near the water and even had a guesthouse for the people who would come over, this is when the old couple finally understood what they were doing to them.

I and someone else had to hide in a house but we did not have a lot of time before the man who if he found us would kill us or send us where we would be tortured then killed, I had the idea to hide in the closet but leave the door a little bit opened so he would think that there were no way that people would hide there, it actually worked and more than once. He was about to leave but became hungry and saw many things made of chocolate was available so he tried one thing then another thing then another. He then asked the other people of the house the ingredients and someone told him. These other people were stressed for us but they were trying their best to act normal. Finally the man left.