I agree Lori,

Even with the dream journal, sometimes you're just so sleepy, and the dream itself, it can be so intense, you're certain you won't forget it, lol, which well...you or I at least usually do until - it happens again.

The ones that repeat themselves (btw u'v been missed and I purchased ur book, too. I have to listen though instead of read).

But anyway, my dreams lately have been almost alchemic? If that's a word. They're almost a cross between precognitive and equations I have to look up.

For example, the last dream I remember, my husband went to class at 11:00 am (his schedule hasn't been set yet) and I was mixing herbs.

You were in this one though, but it was that same dream I wrote about already here. There were a group of people around a table and a book was written. It wasn't a little book either, but one almost like an encyclopedia confused

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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