I only remember three dreams.

I saw an episode of The Daily Show (i remember seeing Stephen Colbert but it was like a crossover) and I immediately became mad and closed my eyes not wanting to see and hear anything because I had not seen that episode yet and it had already started.

In the first I made a voyage to the galaxy to change something. I was told that it was dangerous but I thought it would not be (in my mind i had calculated and planned everything and it was like i had already done it and it had worked). So I went (looked like i floated there) to the end of the galaxy and took what looked like a nubula (sp???) and I took it with energy that came from my hands and made it appear close to Earth. I was happy that it worked and I was thinking that the people thinking it would not would look like fools. Then I tried getting back to Earth but I ended up far away again and I started freaking out but I woke up (floating in space in 1 of my fears in real life).

I was in a big spaceship with what looked to be at least ten other people and it took us more than thirty years to end up on a planet that looked like Earth. We spent that entire voyage awake (but we did not grew old at all) and when we arrived there was almost nothing left of food and everything else. So we went to look around in the planet. We found water and one washed an orange (that he had taken from our ship) in the water and Tom Cruise went to drink some of that water and when some people were telling him to wait that it could not be drinkable I took some before him and drank it. Then we realised that we had to get back to the ship fast to send a message to Earth because there were not a lot of energy left on the ship. We started to run and me and Tom Cruise are the ones who arrived first. I don't recall who made the message but in it it said that we had arrived, that it was just like Earth and that when the others would arrived we would all be half as old as they would be.