Thanks for sharing your dream, Dr. Hershey. With the recent escalation in tensions between the US and N.Korea, the news has been filled with war talk. N.Korea switched on nuclear plants and has been making threats to strike.

Many people are getting nervous about what might come. Nothing frightens us more than the threat of total annihilation. Our dreams reflect our waking fears as a way for our subconscious mind to process incoming data. Our emotions can be expressed in dreams when during our waking life, we try our best to suppress them.

Of course, dreamers often worry and wonder if their dreams might be prophesying or foretelling the future. I'm not saying this can't happen but it is highly unlikely that your dream will come to pass in your waking life.

N. Korea does not have the capability of long-distance missile deployment. They will have a hard time just reaching Guam, a mentioned possible target. More likely, they will aim for US bases in Japan or S. Korea. But even then, military strategists are reporting that even N. Korea knows that those strikes would be suicide for N. Korea because the global response would be swift and lethal.

Kim Jong Un is feeling like an unproven young gum with an itchy trigger finger. He is being pressured to show his power after he took over for his militant father. He will do something. He has painted himself into a corner with all his bellicose rhetoric.

He might take out his aggression on a small sub or other military ship. Maybe a small base or embassy. At the least, he may simply set off another "test." But he is both unreasonable and unpredictable. He is more concerned about his public and global image than the safety of his people so could he trigger a global war? Yes. But at this time, his former ally (China) is not supporting him.

So what was the point of this post? Oh, yes. Your dream. smile

No worries. What will be will be, but let's not let trouble-makers ruin our today. Leave the problems of the world to the problem-makers.

Focus on what you can do to affect your world in a positive way. I say live well, sleep well and dream happy. smile

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