I remember three dreams.

All I remember (it came back when i was writing the last dream) is that it had to do with television and at least one other person was with me or near me.

I discovered a time machine with someone else or I showed it to someone else. I decided to go back to ancient Egypt to see the pyramids. The other person was scared to go this far back but I was not, I also did not want to do anything except to look at how it was. When I arrived there I made sure to go far where nobody was and then when I stopped to look at the pyramids it was so beautiful that I started to cry. Suddendly from what seemed to be out of nowhere a man appeared and when I saw him I was completely shocked because he looked exactly like Arnold Vosloo in The Mummy, turns out Imhotep then looked like him or he was Imhotep in another life. He was talking to me and I was stunned because I did not learned that language before getting in the machine so after a while I talked to him in English and he knew that language which shocked me so I decided to tell him who I was and what I was doing there. He believed me and showed me around but I told him that soon something would happen, that most of that would be destroyed and eventhough he believed me he did not want to come with me but when I was about to enter the machine to come back to the present times he arrived, comets or/and asteroids were fallen and killing and destroying everything. We entered the machine and we came in our (not his obviously - he seemed hesitant to do that but he did anyway - he did tell me something before we did it but i cannot remember what) times.

I remember only the end which was me out with a male friend that I was either in love with or developing feelings for. He started talking about a classic movie but I had no idea what that movie was about because I had never heard anything about it before then, he was shocked and showed me a pieces of paper that was the poster. I laughed because the characters were cute or/and funny which insulted him a little. He took me to a movie theatre where that movie was playing and bought two tickets, I was looking at the time and did not want to watch it then because I would miss my daytime week shows but I said nothing, I then calculated that maybe if it was not too long and that I went straight home I would not miss any. I did not show him what I was thinking because he was so nice.