I remember three dreams.

A murderer was on the loose. They were talking about the murders and the victims on television. Two of the victims in particular made me feel so sad, they showed them before the murders and they looked so happy and nice. Someone was accused and immediately people thought he was guilty. Soon later he was found cleared of everything. He was so angry and he was yelling at everyone I told you so.

An email was changed after it was sent and someone was accused of doing this.

A boss of a big company had decided for decoration in his building to have Fishes everywhere in beautiful but small bowls. After seeing it I heard a narrator say that since it was not aquariums the Fishes did not have enough oxygen so soon later they started being lethargic and then one by one they started dying. For some reason everyone there decided to drink the water and eat the Fishes and they became sick then died. Then Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson were in an attic, Kate discovered this and then strangely became dancing like she was possessed and she could not stop. Goldie was following her and was freaking out over this (at the start she though she was joking so it made her laugh).