I had 3 dreams as well:

One had 6 or 8 men that were somehow associated w/the armed forces. They seem deceased now though. In the past one of them tried to help a woman whom was being abused or stalked. She actually went through the channels to see what a "hit?" would cost and was somewhere in the realm of 15,000. The man said, he'd do it, but didn't want the 15,000.

Dream 2: I was walking w/a Muslim woman. There were 2 different types, like they wore those head-wraps. I only remember black and white.

I was friends w/the one wearing the white headdress and had a horrible feeling about a woman she was with. I pleaded w/her just to inquire w/in. We were almost best friends as much as could be allowed.

She asked the woman wearing the black headdress, "How is it you arrived here so quickly. The woman said she was coming from the homeland, but arrived much quicker than possible.

She had some reasoning that left the woman in white confused. It didn't make sense. The woman in black was in the U.S. already and had not come from the homeland.

The next frame. The woman in black takes off her headdress and shakes her long black and curl-ish hair with her face to the wind overlooking a body of water, with a grin...the grin was like - "Yes...it's all coming together." Like everything belonged to her.

Her friend was petrified and had no idea what had been going on.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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