I remember four dreams.

A place where poor people were living kept having kids and they would go in a place where it was small rocks in water and they would either drop their babies there or give birth there and leave their babies there. I was part of a group that every year would go get these poor babies and bring them where they would be adopted. We were waiting where it was supposed to be a bus stop or a train station or an airport but it was like my Saint-Hubert house and where we were all waiting with the babies was the back entrance. They all got food but me eventhough I was hungry I did not asked for any. I kept a baby in my arms like the others. One gave me back my glasses, it arranged so that it would stop dropping on my nose, I took it out the case to try and saw that someone had put food in the case (for some reason it had not gotten on the glasses). The glasses were very bent so I tried it and it fit eventhough it was tight. Then I figured after a while that I should eat since I was hungry, it was fries with coconut spread and for some reason it tasted like toasts and it was good. I wanted to eat toasts next and most seemed to eat that.

We had each me and my parents a new fresh bread and for some reason it all been taken out of their packages and put in a plastic bag. When I went to get mine I did not know which one it was so I took all the breads out along with the old ones and me and mom tried to figure out which was which.

I (did not looked like myself - at the start i had the feeling it was not me but the most it was advancing it felt like it was me) was either living or vacationing in Italy. An old abandoned village was where I stayed, it was on the water and it was abandoned because the water had risen, it was not always in the house but often. One day I was looking from a small bridge and I was saying to a man that it was such a shame. I was especially looking at a small house and then I saw that the furniture was still there so I looked more the other buildings and realised it was the same everywhere. I told the man that we should go there because things that were worth a lot could be out there. He was not too sure but after I remainded him that nobody was going there and that they also ignored it that we could go there during day and not be caught. He finally agreed and we did. We started in a big house where everything looked intact then we were in a big building where I was sure there was money somewhere and sure enough I found a safe and after a while I was able to open it and it was full of money. The man was getting scared by the second and I reassured him then told him the plan to get out safely with all that money and to meet somewhere and to never have anyone find out where that money is from. We did it and that plan worked.

I was here writing down my dreams and it was taking what seemed forever. After a while I stared crying and screaming then it was still not done so I was close to giving up on this website just because of this.