Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember three dreams.

Maximus (from the movie Gladiator) was leading his army during the "cowboy era" but they had the same clothes as in the movie it was just that they were battling in American where all that was happening. After another win he told his number two (that man was not in the movie and it was not an actor in my dream but Crowe was indeed Maximus) that he was retiring, before the man said anything he told him that everything would be okay, that a woman in an Indian clan loved him and that it would be okay for both of them.

It was like the end of the world or after a war. Everything seemed to be destroyed. There were kids everywhere having to work, they were all wearing dirty old clothes. After coming back to what they had to do they had to stand in line to show that they had done what they were supposed to do and get their new orders. While they were waiting a kid that was soon to be next had a boy who wa waiting in another line up point her and say that she had something hidden in a pocket. Other kids that were with up looked up angry at him who was proud of himself, a boy took boogers out of his nose then wipped it on that boy's coat.

A couple had to go to a train track, someone they loved was kidnapped and they had to follow orders to see them alive again. They had to buy tickets, they stopped before every were bought, a man standing in one of the two lines cut in front to ask what was going on.