I remember three dreams.

I went on Explosm to see their new comic and it was not out yet.

Dad was explaining the difference between a Porpoise and a Dolphin.

I had adopted a Lion. She was a baby when I got her. People thought I was either torturing her by keeping her as a pet or that she would turn on me but her parents had been killed and I took her right there plus she was so sweet that I was sure she would never turn on me. We went to watch television one day, she made herself comfortable on me and I found something on a Quebec channel, it was about Earth dying thanks to human beings and they had at one point a group of people that could not see what is happening, they could not even admit there was at least one small pollution problem. I was furious and I soon exploded after hearing some of their opinions they were sure were facts. Dad was behind me sitting, at first he was shock that I was watching something in French then it was me who was shocked because he was agreeing with me. I was imagining myself there beating up and torturing and killing these morons. The Lion kept calm all that time cuddled with me.