I remember three dreams.

I was in bed and dad was pushing my buttons, the eighth time he did it I made the crazy motion with one arm and said that he was completely mental.

We had bought a new house. It was like in a city like here but it looked exactly like our house in Saint-Hubert and that city. We had done a few renovations. At one point when we were there for not even a full year I was trying to make them put the house in sale to move to a better place. We had bought the house for 200000$ and I was telling them that with how it looked plus the renovations we had done plus the location that we could get at least 50000$ more for it.

We were living in our Saint-Hubert house. One night I woke up or I was still up and I was hungry so I went downstairs to make some food. It seemed strange in the kitchen. When I went to the bathroom I saw that it was somehow haunted, at first I was acting like it was not happening and it kind of worked since it was just in one place but then it became worst and it even attacked me when I screamed to leave me alone. I ran upstairs to my parents and told them we had to leave.