I remember five dreams.

I was with people and one of them said that he would help us meet Dwayne Johnson. I was of course very excited and it was true, he walked us to where he was. He was very nice and he even joked with me to make me more relaxed, at first that joke I think it was serious but he made sure to show me it was just a joke.

I was staying in a very small trailer. I also remember dad being there and me wanting to stay here longer eventhough it was vey small. I think dad left or he was staying somewhere else and I stayed in that small trailer, I also remember trying to figure out a way to arrange this so that would be a permanent home for me.

I ended up I an elevator with someone I worked with and who hated me. She did some small talk with me and exited the elevator without me and she realised she had also brought my purse with her and she found that hilarious and left it there for me to find with the hopes that it would get stolen and that I would be late at work. I called her on her cell and she told me about it all giddy. Somehow I was able to quickly find the purse and nothing was stolen, I was also not late at work. The place where we worked was huge and the backyard too was huge. There were Horses there and that woman liked them. When we were close to the Horses they wanted to see me and she was jealous then I jumped the fence and sat on one of the Horse and we went riding and she was angry.

I knew Tom Cruise. The paparazzis were starting slowly to follow me and they were angry because I was making their work hard and they did not knew at all who I was and why I knew him. I entered a huge building where Tommy was and finally I was able to see him, he was behind a glass wall and I waved at him and he smiled and waved at me, I gestured to come see me and I brought him in an empty room where we had sex.

I was making a salad with someone who was making a list of famous people who had not come where we lived. At one point he named his favorite celebrity and I told him that she had come here at one point and he said that it did not count and I said no it's cheating you cannot say that jut because she's your favorite.