Last night I had the coolest dream. It was a long, involved, epic dream set in a near-future where North Dakota has been walled off and turned into a prison wasteland. The worst of the worst are tossed in there, a la Escape from New York. The criminals are dumped at the southern border and anyone who can make it to the northern border where the Peace Park is currently is granted amnesty. Our heroine 'comes to' when in the line of criminals, waiting to be released into NoDa. She's handed a pistol and two magazines and pushed out with about fifty others into a bleak wasteland. She has no idea why she's there or what she has done. Her first priority is just to survive - as the group is released, the "locals" are shooting at them from the woods, hoping for free access to weapons and ammo.

I spent the last few hours writing down the storyline I dreamt, so I can turn it into a full story smile

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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