Spent eight hours and fortyfour minutes in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

The first was like two dreams at the same time. Both had to do with Romania. It started with me trying to arrange a vacation there with some friends then it was me who was in a Tennis tournament there. The vacation had many problems (we did not started it at the same place and we had to found ourselves there) and it looked like I was winning that tournament eventhough I had never played before and it was a professional one.

I had some mutant killers after me (looked like the ones in Wrong Turn). I was trying to stay ahead of them by running without looking back. I ended up finding help from a soldier. He helped me get inside a top secret building where almost everything was glasses but the people on the other side could not see while we could. I remember being in a building and in a forest before ending up in that last place. The killers were never really close to me but I kept on running for them not to catch me.