This is a dream my husband had. WE do this thing, asking each other, "Did you have any dreams last night?" and we'll share them.

So, in HIS dream (he does this thing when he's REALLY confused. Both eye-brows furrow until they become one. He was doing that as he was telling me) he told me he stopped at a local convenient store after work to grab a couple of doughnuts.

He went to the back, grabbed a drink to go along for the ride home, but when he got to the counter, the woman behind it asked for his I.D.???

He said (in the dream) it's just a couple of doughnuts. What do you need the I.D. for? He was paying cash too.

He told me (literally) "She said some type of an explanation, but in the dream, it didn't make sense. So, I put the doughnuts back and walked out."

So, here's where it gets good!!!!! Finally it's happening to someone else OTHER than ME, lol.

We were on our way home the other week, from something and this particular dream was from sometime ago. I just remember when he told me, it didn't "feel" like a regular dream.

But it happened and when we got in the car, we were both kinda quiet and I said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" was funny. The whole ride home, I was trying not to laugh, looking out the window anything, etc.

And he's like, "ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! Can we move on please?"

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