I remember one dream.

It was after the fire and like in real life my parents had hurried up to find a new house (in the dream it looked like this 1). While out shopping one day we drove by a beautiful house and after a few tries I got my parents to call for a visit like we were still searching. The house looked small but inside it was big. The more we visited the more perfect it looked. Also not only was it not in need of any renovations only two rooms (the bedrooms) needed paint. I was so angry because that house was on the market when we were searching for houses (never seen that house and that place in real life) and I finally told the agent that but she did not looked angry and continued the visit. When we went outside to visit the outside she asked me why did I wrote down the price of my jeans reffering to the insurance papers where we had to write everything we had with the date bought and prices and places bought. It made me jump and she continued saying that I could of lost my parents then she asked you did right with your mom and I said well dad too but it was because of the smoke and she interrupted me saying well this is more important than materials, I was still shocked because I had not been talking like that at all I was just mad that they had hurried up too much and had not waited for a house that was the best available (before we went outside she told me that if they put our new house on the market and that it would sold before that 1 was sold we could get it - that perfect house was actually almost 100000$ cheaper than the 1 we had). After we left I told my parents the plan of the agent and they looked somewhat interested.