Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember three dreams.

I was a contestant on Hell's Kitchen. I was Gordon Ramsay's favorite and also the best of all of the others who were also on the show. I was choose with at least one other person for a special challenge. It was in a small room and there were fishes (1/3 alive like he said) and other things there, we had to choose our ingredients and then cook it. I picked the fishes and he was disappointed in my results, I explained that I cooked them on a camp fire. I told him all of them were cleaned and de-boned and he told me not not fully cleaned and he opened the biggest fish and showed me that only half was then he told me that it was not even fully cooked and I said well maybe the bigger one but not the others. I think that we were both having an affair.

All I remember from the second is a big appartment.

My parents were talking about that all the town against them was getting worst. So I went where they were and asked what had happened and they told me that my dad had went to the restaurant and that one of the item he had asked for (fries) was not given to him. I said well then just go back there and told them so that you can have your fries and they both refused saying that it would make matters worst.