I remember three dreams.

I do not remember a lot from that dream Christian Bale as Batman was there. By the end of the dream I was either a friend or his girlfriend, we were close. He got killed, I was with him when he died screaming in agony. His mansion and most if not all of the city were burnt. The person or people responsible let me live. I ended up finding a cave and slowly I turned it into a home for me. By the end it looked like a normal home but the biggest and tallest part of it I had arranged it like a training cave for myself, I had put cords on the ceiling to be able to do some air ballet with it which was mostly fun but I also used it to train. At the end he came in and I was in shock but happy to see that he was still alive.

Me and mom were going to run errands. She wanted to go by taxi. I (with the voice of Elmo) remainded her how low the cost of a bus was (we of course were not living here - it was a mix of Saint-Hubert and here and other places we never lived) or that we could just walk because it would take less than one hour. She thought about it and eventhough she did not feel like it she went with the walk. We also decided to while at it go get our prescriptions since it was basically just a ten minutes or less extra walk, it was taking forever so I asked her how much she had left and after thinking about it she said six days, I said I had about two weeks left so that we could just come back and this time it would go fast since we had given our names so it would be ready. After a while being out of there I stopped and said that it was stupid that we were there so in case some things would come up we should get it now, I told her to wait here and with me hurrying up it should take less than ten minutes or ten tops, I knew I was lying and I think she knew too. I ended up in a small street and for some reason stepped in the yard where many people were gardening, I stepped on something they had just done and when I was seen they were not happy so to cover myself I bent over and was acting like something bad was on the ground so dangerous for their gardening, they stopped being angry and were looking but I picked up something that in the dream was a Butterfly in his or her last stage before being a Butterfly. I was happy and they too. I said (just remembered before finding another insect [it was invisible but not me acting like it was real it was real because others were acting like they saw it too] and putting it on the leaves of the nearest plant saying it was good and would get the bad insects) some nice things them too and I put it on the plant and we went to get others and did the same with them. Then I said my goodbyes and went back on the street and walked again but a woman told me to wait, she asked for my address for a contest they had and I told her and she wrote it down then it was like I had to say something about my parents and I said two things that she wrote down on something that looked like a calendar and one of those boards we wrote on and it was on something, I said cold for both, dad I said mean or cruel and mom I finally said distant. She was sorry for me and after a while of talking I left but before I asked what was the prize and she said a Broncos (in the dream for another city) jacket and she went back to her home and me walking, I was the only name and I hoped someone else will enter and win since I do not like that team then I started thinking that maybe I would start watching that sport again but I realised I did not want too. I ended up in what seemed a highway with many factories. I saw dad who was out his car and I realised it was him before or after passing him, he saw me too, I want to tell him to wait for me since he was about to leave so going to his car but did not want to act needy and almost felt bad for not acknowledging him so I kept walking.

Two porn stars were in a grocery store and going to have sex for one or more causes. The man had a Pig mask on and she had on a dress. They were supposed to keep everything hidden but have real sex. Then they stopped because she thought it was crazy to hide it. She after a short speech said breasts and she showed hers and he showed hims. Then she said butt and she and he did the same. When it was time to show their last part it was covered and she looked at people I could not see and sarcastically said oh this is the line. They started again trying this time to show it which they were able to for a while.