When I got up I remembered most of one dream and what a second dream was about, now I only remember a little of that first dream.

It started as me watching a new Fast and Furious movie then I ended up in it and it became reality. We were all cops except for the son of Dwayne Johnson who was working in an ice cream shop, he was talking to some people filming a documentary. Rocky came and then his ex which apparently also his son's mother but when she arrived the son was surprised, not happy and scared of what will happen next. I saw her do something but cannot remember what (she was not a cop too). Then Sylvester Stallone who was also a cop arrived and started banging on a door with glass and he was warning us about something, when we went to open the door he screamed to not do it then he was killed. After that a woman cop (shes an actress in a show about cops that i dont watch) started screaming then she started melting like acid was on her but it came from inside her, at one point it was even spraying everywhere. I took my gun and aimed at her head to finish her misery but for some reason I did not shoot and put my weapon back where it was. We just stood there and watch her die in agony.