I remember five dreams.

All I remember is that Stephen Merchant was working at a computer desk and at one point he went underneath and while there he felt something weird was going on so he slowly got up and he saw a part of a Shark floating around, it would sometimes go near the desk but stay in front of the desk. He was looking at that with a what is that expression. He at one point left his left arm and when he moved it the Shark part moved like his arm.

I was part of a group who was going to go on a sybian machine and all the while a gynecologist would look at us. At one point she was looking at me like I was not into it but I was eventhough I was shy about it, I either saw a flashback of me before we did it where I said that it may look for like five or ten minutes that I was not having fun but then I would start screaming and hitting things or I said it when I was on the thing. Then it was just me with the doctor and she decided to show me how to masturbate with a finger and penetration by doing it to me.

All I remember was that I was sleeping in a scary place. A place where outside animals including Dogs were disappearing (at 1 point i saw a bunch of hunters talking about this and a dog screamed - another dog was near and ran to the dog that he knew was murdered) and I suddenly felt danger then dressed really fast and hid near the door. I was right because a psychopath entered the place to kill me. I was able to get out and hide somewhere else where I did a trap for him and when he went to look in my trap I hurt him with something and when he fell in a room I closed the door and locked it then ran as fast as I could (by then i think i had the running dog with me).

All I remember is that it had to do with wrestling and I think I was in it.

I was walking around in a big city then came up a used book sell that was for a charity. People would come in and choose a book and after it was done my mom decided to gift wrap with a thank you every sold book to the people who had bought it.