I remember one dream.

I was traveling via space crafts but I do not remember why (i think it was important) for that part I also remember explaining this to a person but all I remember about that is that I used Star Wars as an example or maybe it had to do with it. I had to change craft without being seen and I ended up outside and walking, it looked like the street where we lived in Saint-Hubert and many people were there, I had to get at the end of the street or near it, everytime a bus would drive by I was afraid it was the one I had to take but it was never and none would come where I was near a bus stop. Also everytime I would try to walk pass someone these people would do the same just like everytime I would pass others would pass too. It was important that at a certain time I was where I was going and it was like I was walking in place because of the time it was taking.