Hi Elleise! It's nice to see you here again, too.

It appears that many of your dreams are premonitions. You certainly are tuned into the Akasha field. That is why so many of your visions are past/present/future events and possibilities of such that seem to stream through your consciousness. Who's to know which will come to pass? There are many variables that affect reality.

If I were to interpret this dream, I would say that unlike other people's dreams that are direct reflections of what is going on in their own subconscious minds, this dream contains images of energy imprints in this actor's aura.

It's fairly public knowledge that Robert Downey Jr. has had drug problems and several rehab visits. He's come a long way to move beyond them, even staging a great comeback with much success.

In this dream of yours, Mr. Downey had a "pet" lizard. Not just any lizard, a Komodo Dragon which is highly deadly to humans. This represents how Mr. Downey "played" with danger when he took drugs. Even though Mr. Downey knew of the dangers and he knew the devastating effects on his life, there were/are still some experiences with drugs that he craves. He enjoyed the escape, those whoozy feelings of ecstasy. And although he is glad to be clean, he misses the ability to just check out and feel good. That is why in this dream, he is sad over the dying Komodo Dragon.

The woman in his dream life represents the actual female in his life with whom he does not feel a deep connection. She is there with her heart but he is still disconnected.

Mr. Downey has inner emotional, mental and spiritual "demons", including mental imbalances. He is a good man, a very compassionate person. He harbors guilt and self-recrimination that he tries hard to control. I hope he finds a good shrink as well as a great spiritual counselor.

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